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Best Free Java Courses in 2022

You’ve come to the right site if you want to learn Java online and on your own in 2022. I’ve published the top Java online courses and finest Spring Framework courses; now I’ll present my favorite free online courses to learn Java in 2022 from Udemy, Coursera, Codecademy, and Educative.

Internet has many resources. You can learn anything for free. You just need to try. With so many free books, websites, and courses online, it’s hard to select.

You’ll waste most of your time surfing and switching classes without learning. A handpicked list helps. I love curating. Reading books and courses helps me to share important resources with you.

Here are 10 free Java programming courses for beginners.

Even though the focus is on beginner-level Java courses — because beginners need the most help — I’ve also included free courses that can be useful for intermediate and experienced Java developers, like this free Java Multithreading course from Udemy, which is great for beginner and intermediate Java developers.

These are crucial skills, tools, and technologies for Java developers. If you’re not familiar with them, learn them to better your job and talents.

If you can invest a few bucks on studying a practical and in-demand talent like Java Programming, I recommend The Complete Java Programming Masterclass on Udemy.

This 80-hour course is the most thorough and up-to-date way to learn Java online. It’s not free, but you can acquire it for $10 during Udemy specials, which happen occasionally.

Without further ado, here are the greatest online courses to learn Java for free. I’ve included free fundamental Java, multithreading, object-oriented programming, etc. classes.

I’ve also included hands-on and theory-based training, as well as video, text, and interactive courses so you may practice online without downloading and setting up Java, which is perfect for novices who want to start as soon as possible.

Complete Java Tutorial

This is perhaps Udemy’s most popular free Java course. People don’t realize Udemy has legally free courses. I mean made free for marketing and education by their instructor.

More than 1.2 million people have joined this course to learn Java, a record, but the quality is good.

This course is for beginners or those who know a programming language and want to learn Java. It’s free on Udemy and should be used to learn Java 2022.

Java OOP
This is an intermediate Java course from Coursera, an online learning platform including courses from Google and IBM. This free course teaches object-oriented programming to those with software development or computer science backgrounds.

This Coursera specialization consists of courses and projects and gives credentials upon completion of the course, assessments, and projects.

Duke University’s Java concentration has more than 66K students. You can audit four Java classes to study Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structure for free, but a certificate costs money.

After finishing this specialization, you should be able to design an object-oriented Java application, use existing libraries, and build graphical user interfaces.

It’s project-based, so you’ll receive hands-on coding practice.

If you find Coursera courses beneficial, which they are because they are made by reputable corporations and colleges, I propose you join Coursera Plus, a membership plan that offers you unlimited access to their most popular courses, specializations, professional certificates, and guided projects.

Java multithreading

Multithreading is an important component of Java programming and separates a good developer from a mediocre one.

Strong, concurrent Java coders are in high demand. They’re compensated well.

This free course will help you master multi-threading and concurrency if you want to flourish in Java.

Applying Concurrency and Multi-threading to Common Java Patterns is worth the money if you have it. By José Paumard on Pluralsight is good, but not free.

Pluralsight memberships cost $29 per month/$299 per year and give access to 7000+ online courses.

Develop Java projects

Build projects to learn a new programming language. Active learning! Before writing code and creating projects, you can’t learn through books or online courses. This stimulates thought.

You learn real-world needs and then identify answers. This course emphasizes project-based learning.

Free Java education for beginners and intermediate programmers in 2022.

You can also combine this course with The Complete Java Masterclass, one of the greatest and most up-to-date courses to learn Java, but it’s not free.

Master Java Developer (for Java 10)

You’ve found the most comprehensive online Java course. 480,000 students…


JDBC is part of Java API since most real-world Java apps require a database. This course will teach you JDBC even if you’re using Hibernate, JPA, or IBatis. It uses the free MySQL database as an example and teaches you how to use JDBC in Java. Overall, a great tutorial for beginning and advanced Java developers wishing to learn JDBC.

Beginning Java

Another Java beginning course. This course can help computer science graduates and programmers with C, C++, or Python backgrounds learn Java.

This free Java course teaches:

Object-Oriented Programming in Java Data Types, Methods, and Classes
Java Frameworks
Java regular expressions
Java IO and networking APIs.
Java testing with JUnit
Java Projects with Maven
It’s a brief, not-very-comprehensive course that’s good for beginners.

top free java beginner course
Free Eclipse IDE for Java Beginners
IntelliJIDEA has replaced Eclipse as the most popular Java IDE, but it’s a fine one to start with. It’s free and requires no license money, unlike IntelliJIDEA’s complete version.

Chad Darby, author of Spring & Hibernate for Beginners (including Spring Boot) on Udemy, prepared this course.

This free Eclipse IDE course teaches you:

Eclipse IDE installation
Eclipse Java app creation
Eclipse Java run/debug.
Eclipse Wizards for Java Source Code
Java Refactoring and Debugging
Projects import/export
Eclipse JAR files
This course teaches Java developers how to use Eclipse IDE efficiently. Recommended for Java beginners.

Java 9 New Features Overview

This is a great course to learn about new Java 9 features including the Module System, Process and Stream API improvements, and static factory methods for generating Immutable collections.

This course is for Java experts who want to learn new features. It’s free and contains all key Java 9 changes.

Java basics
Another beginner-level Java course. It’s free and brief, so novices can obtain an overview before tackling more tougher courses.

This course teaches Java to people with no programming expertise.

Java Docker Hands-On
Docker is a growing cloud-app tool. Kubernetes makes it easy to install Java Microservices on the cloud and scale your application with a few clicks.

Docker makes development easier because you don’t need to download Java resources like JDK, native libraries, JAR files, etc. Instead, you can execute your program as a Docker container. It simplifies Java development and deployment.

This course will teach you cloud-based Java development and how to use containers to spin up new instances quickly.

The Cloud Native Java book by Josh Long is a terrific investment.

If you’re interested in studying Docker and want more options, check out Dev Community’s collection of free Docker courses for programmers.

Beginning Java

If you’re seeking for interactive courses to learn Java in 2022, you’ll appreciate this text-based, interactive free Java course from Educative.

Educative is a new online learning platform for programmers that allows you to run Java programs right from your browser. You don’t need to download JDK or install any IDE, define your PATH and Classpath; you can run your Java program online.

This course begins with creating a hello world program and covers Conditional Statements, Loop Statements, Math, and Logic in Java before going on to Inheritance, Generics, and ArrayLists.

You’ll be an intermediate-level Java developer after this course. Since text is faster than video, you’ll learn Java rapidly.